Written by Gene Carmickle
September 08 2009

The Bradshaw Foothills Coalition is meeting on the last Tuesday of the each month, at the Peoria Police Department, 8351 W. Cinnabar, Peoria, AZ to help develop a multi-use trail management plan for the Bradshaw Foothills. Come and participate and have your input heard. Contact Teresa Makinen at (480) 890-1927 for more detailed information or visit our website available at either of our URLs www.bradshawfoothills.com or www.bradshawfoothills.org.


Lake Pleasant to Crown King
WARNING - The County maintained roads of Hot Castle Springs and Cow Creek Roads from Lake Pleasant to Crown King are now being heavily patrolled by the Yavapai Cty Sherriff, Maricopa Cty Sherriff, Peoria Police, and AZ Game&Fish to enforce Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) laws.
This area has become a very popular OHV riding area and because of the increase in OHV traffic, problems have been reported on the roads, in the Lake Pleasant Park Area, by private property owners and Public Lands Managers.

If you do not have your OHV street licensed, OHV sticker, lack registration, brake light, rear view mirror, proof of insurance, and a horn expect to receive a very expensive coupon for each infraction of the law. County maintained roads require vehicles to be street licensed and obey all traffic signs. Please ride responsible and be aware of where you are riding. Play it safe and register your toy! In addition, the last three miles coming into Crown King are county maintained roads which Yavapai County Sheriff is enforcing too.

Speeding will also get you a citation on these sections of road. The roads are similiar to riding on marbles which makes it very hard to dodge vehicles at high speeds! People are getting air-vac'ed too many times lately.

OHV riders also need to stage your trailers at the 3rd Kiosk (BLM land) called the Landing Airstrip (4.3 miles after end of pavement) because Lake Pleasant Regional Park is starting to write citations to all that are staging inside the park without paying the $6 fee per vehicle and OHV!! The park boundry is very well marked marked now. Drive the additional 1.3 miles to stage for free or pay the Park Permit and make sure you display it in your truck window while out riding.

SLOW DOWN and be a good steward of OHVs when driving by the communities spotted along the way.

There are other great places close by to ride in the area. If you continue towards Wickenburg on Highway 74 at mile post 11.5, commonly called the Boulders, this location is better solution for unlicensed OHVers with an assortment of both dual and single track trails to play on.

Ride as good stewards of the land so we don't lose it in the near future.