Written by Gene Carmickle
September 10 1989
Stop The Dust
Our ATV livelihood is being threatened by Arizona's lack of rainfall with new Dust Regulations (PM10) in effect in Maricopa, Pima and parts of Pinal and Yavapai Counties. Attention needs to be given to the dust that our sport creates. Be a good steward of the environment and slow it down around staging areas, residential areas and on dirt roads. Please don't ride next to paved roads or fence lines unless there is a designated signed trail. Reducing your speed greatly helps reduce dust.
PM 10 Dust Update
Due to the EPA rule making and recent AZ State legislation, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) has been trying to establish rules regarding Dust issues in non-attainment areas. In 2008 Maricopa County has failed the PM 10 Dust levels the EPA has set for the county and has adopted new standards (Rule 310) for dust emissions and dust levels. Currently (April 2008) the ADEQ has agreed, working with OHV organizations, to restrict OHV usage on only High Pollution Days in non-attainment areas which we had less than 20 days last year. We can live with this but remember that dust is not only a Maricopa County issue, all counties will have Dust Issues. OHV areas inside the non attainment area are going to have to make some big changes to stay open.

YOU say who cares??

YOU should , because those standards apply to where you ride.
Every time the County gets a call that someone saw a dust violation they are required to go check it out. If the inspector feels the area is out of compliance, the land agency in charge of that land gets a letter of violation. (NO they do not have to catch you riding and making dust).

So why should you care???

The more violations a land agency gets, the sooner fines start and they are BIG and the next step is to initiate CLOSED TO MOTORIZED.

CLOSED, like in no riding.

WHAT can you do??

STOP riding the fence lines and shoulders of the paved roads!!! The dust is visible to all who use the paved road and just about everyone has a cell phone. All that dust is also a hazard on the paved roads because of visibility issues.
When you go riding , drive in at least a 1/4 mile and park , unload and stay at least 1/4 mile from the paved roads or homes. Remember that "Out of sight is out of mind".